Love in the form of pizza:

My boyfriend and I have our one year anniversary today.  I can see nothing more fitting to post:

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His and hers pizza.

His = turkey bacon, red pepper, and red onion

Hers/mine = veggie burger crumbles and broccoli

What can keep me happy during March Madness?  Pizza!  Pizza!  We’ve perfected this Sunday meal, and nothing makes me happier than sprinkling parmesan on a slice and winding down the weekend with my man.  I think it also exemplifies the amount of compromise he has made for me since we started dating – no calling up Papa John’s and ordering delivery for us.  Living with someone with Celiacs takes planning, patience, and understanding.  It means going to three stores to get the ingredients to make dinner.  It means carrying around gluten free soy sauce in your pocket all night so I can eat sushi.  And it means enduring a lot of awkward moments with waiters at restaurants.  Hopefully homemade pizza makes up for it a bit. (thanks babe 🙂 )

Now back to the ‘za – I think this pizza beats the socks off of Papa John’s.

We made this one with Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust mix:

Bob's Red Mill Pizza Mix

Buy me here.

And Ragu Light tomato and basil sauce (no sugar, just tomatoes and spices):

Follow the directions on the package, slap on sauce, add some mozzarella and cheddar cheese, drop on toppings – bake and enjoy.

I like this mix because the crust gets crispy, and the yeast makes the dough puff up like the real thing.  It’s not delivery! It’s Bob’s Red Mill!

However, we are bigger fans of the Namaste Foods mix.  This one makes really thin crust pizza, and comes with Italian herbs already mixed in (which I could also do myself with other mixes, but I’m far too forgetful).

Namaste quick-and-dirty:

  • You can also use this mix to make some bangin’ breadsticks (just spoon the dough into a breadstick-shaped blob instead of a pizza-shaped blob).
  • The Namaste mix is really chewy (makes you want to pull it apart and dip it in something chewy).
  • Plus, you just have to add a little bit of oil and water (no yeast like in Bob’s).  I think that yeast is scary, time-consuming, and smelly.
  • Namaste’s thin crust means less extraneous carbs, so you can eat 3-4 pieces instead of 1-2.

So – I choose Namaste!

Buy me here.

For both of these mixes we only make half of the bag, since we really only need one pizza for the two of us.  For the breadsticks we usually use 1/3 or 1/4 of the recipe.

So, make some love pizza.  Share it with whoever deals with your gluten-freeness and give them a big smooch for it.



2 responses to “Love in the form of pizza:

  1. This comment really has nothing to do with the gluten-free aspect of pizza, but I have been experimenting with homemade pizza myself these days (a lovely meal to go along with March madness).

    I’ve planned out pizzas similar to restaurant versions I’ve had, and even tried my own BBQ chicken pizza, all with very satisfactory results. However, the best result I got was this past Sunday when I seemingly had absolutely nothing in my fridge to work with, except some random a couple servings of leftovers in Tupperware and frozen veggies.

    Basically I used tomato paste from a can as the sauce (super cheap and surprisingly good). Then I used some leftover chicken and chicken sausage (obviously not vegetarian friendly). But the secret I think was the blend of 3 cheeses I used, and layered them in about 2-3 layers with the toppings: Fresh mozzarella (about 3/4 cup), freshly grated Parmesan (1/4 cup), and then half a package of Boursin cheese, crumbled.

    Long stor

    • Long story short – Boursin cheese is the key to add extra flavor. It already has great garlic and herb flavors in it, so no matter what toppings you add, it will taste delicious.

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