Cafe Habana

After work on Friday, Nick and I went to Cafe Habana down in Soho.  We went here primarily for the grilled Mexican-style corn – coated in creamy mayo, rolled in cojita cheese, and sprinkled with chili powder:

Grilled Mexican Style Corn


The corn met all of my expectations, and at $4.25 for two pieces, it’s a great cheap eat to share.  

Since we saved on the appetizer, we splurged on some drinks.  A Mojito for me and a Pacifico for Nick: 



The brownish color of the Mojito is due to the face that they use brown sugar instead of white.  So good I had two. 

For dinner I had the Camarones al Ajillo with black beans and yellow rice: 

Spicy shrimp


And Nick had the gluten-filled Cuban sandwich and fries:

He says, “It was alright.”  I wouldn’t know, but it doesn’t seem like I was missing much.  One point for the non-gluten eaters of the world. 

The quick-and-dirty: 

  • Great people watching at this joint.  Many mustache sightings. 
  • Fairly cheap dinner for two – if I wouldn’t have gotten two $8 Mojitos we probably could have gotten out of there for about $35. 
  • They also have a couple of other entrees and appetizers that appear to be gluten-free and vegetarian (Sopesitos and a masa boat stuffed with goat cheese, beans, and sun-dried tomatoes)
  • Get here early if you don’t want to wait. 
  • My recommendation = get a Mojito and some corn and move on for dinner. 

To visit Cafe Habana – 17 Prince Street, New York, NY.  (RW to Prince Street or the 6 to Spring Street)

Buenas suerte.


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