Tu-lu’s Bakery and BBQ Salmon

I made this meal about a month ago, but I’m planning on recreating it this weekend so I thought I’d revisit it.  Pretty soon we’ll be bringing out the fall squashes and apples, so I want to make one more true summer meal.  

I’m definitely going to have to go back to Tu-lu’s Gluten Free Bakery in the East Village.  Last time I was there I got a jalapeno cornbread muffin (pictured below), and a white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookie.  The cornbread was pretty good, but didn’t blow my mind.  Once I slathered some butter on it, it tasted much better.  The cookie was above par though – really chewy and sweet.  They also have a ton of gluten free cupcake options at Tu-lus, that I’m going to put on my list for my next visit.  

I think that working at a gluten free bakery would be on my list of dream jobs.  Get up early, bake away in the morning, display all of your creations, then sit in a quiet, sweet-smelling room all day selling to “your people”.  The woman at Tu-lu’s looked so serene and happy in her quiet little shop (although I’m sure she would have preferred it to be bustling with customers).  

Back to the meal… last time I picked up a carton of coleslaw from Whole Foods, and then made some barbeque salmon with Naturally Delicious barbeque sauce.  I think I might just do the exact same this weekend.  

Note the sweet tea vodka and lemonade in the background.  Jeremiah Weed sweet tea vodka has been my go-to drink this summer – so refreshing and flavorful that it barely needs a mixer.  Someone will have to pry it out of my arms before fall hits so I don’t get sick of it.


2 responses to “Tu-lu’s Bakery and BBQ Salmon

  1. Hey there! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I’m so glad you did, because now I’ve found yours! (Yay, happydance! :D) I went ahead and subscribed and added you to my blogroll — I’m definitely looking forward to your future posts! =)

    I think working in a GF bakery would be my dream job, too! I used to love baking before I went GF, and I’m still in the kitchen all the time, trying my darndest to convert all my old faves into GF. It’s slow going, though. I have lots to learn. Hehe.

    I never thought to BBQ salmon…I always thought it had to be done all fancy-pants like with lemon and pepper and stuff. That’s a great idea, and sounds like something I’d definitely try. 😀

  2. My mom stumbled across this bakery recently and brought me back a spread of mini cupcakes, brownies, cornbread, and candy. The cupcakes were excellent. My favorite was the chocolate with peanut butter frosting. The cornbread was also good but I don’t like the taste of jalapeno so that was too bad. I will definitely be stopping in there again!

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