Last Licks

Ice cream season is slowly ending.  This Friday is the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck’s last ride, and soon the Mr. Softee trucks will no longer be tempting us on every street corner.  So, I thought I’d share a few of my recent ice cream adventures around the city.  First stop: Highline Park on the west side.  Which is pretty awesome, considering it’s made on top of an old rail line.

View from Highline Park

After walking a whole mile, of course they assume that you’ll need to cool down with some Blackwell’s Organic Ice Cream.

I don’t know if you can see it – but in the lower right hand corner it says “gluten free”.  Which makes me very happy, since I wouldn’t want to repeat my horrible encounter with Carvel’s sprinkles again.

I got the black raspberry ice cream, which was alright.  Should have splurged for the chocolate peanut butter, but we all make mistakes.

I know, this picture is focused on that woman's legs.

A bigger win was the gelato at Eataly.  Again, I panicked while ordering and got the pistachio (?)  But it was really good!  It had a really strong pistachio taste, and even though I got the smallest size they had, it was still too much for me to finish.  (Especially after having a crepe with veggie pate from Bar Suzette).

Pistachio Gelato

Finally, last weekend I went by the courtyard outside Tavern in the Green in Central Park, and had my first experience with the famous Van Leeuwan Artisan Ice Cream Truck.  I thought – “Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream?! My prayers have been answered, I’m in, give me an extra large please.”

But – it was so… not… good.  At all.  It just tasted like cold pumpkin.  Like if you took a can of pumpkin and froze it.  Kind of grainy and bland.  I didn’t even finish a quarter of it.  Next time I’m definitely getting the soup at Ladle of Love instead.

Soup sounds better now anyway.  I guess ice cream season really is over 😦


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