Limelight Marketplace

Even though I work only about four blocks from the Limelight Marketplace, I’ve always been kind of afraid to go inside.  The building has a fascinating history, and has been an Episcopal church and a nightclub before it was converted to the shops in 2009.  The entrance is intimidating, but once you enter it is totally welcoming and a fascinating place to explore and discover new things.

Another thing that was surprising about Limelight was that everything was affordable!  Shirts were in the $20-$30 range, and there were lots of smaller ticket items that would be great for gifts.

On the gf food front, there is Baci Gelato on the first floor.  I ended up picking up a bag of Covered Bridge sweet potato chips with cinnamon and brown sugar from Jezalin’s to nosh on while I shopped.  They were really fried, very crunchy, and pretty good.

I also spotted these ridiculous marshmallow stick things at Jezalin’s.

Holy marshmallow, Batman


For a sit down option, there’s Cana Wine Bar on the second floor, which has a number of gluten free options like salmon and veal carpaccio, cheeses, and salads.  Check out their menu here.

Next time I definitely want to go to Butter Super Soft to check out just how soft their hoodies really are.

Moral of the story is – don’t judge a book by its cover 🙂


Limelight Marketplace

656 Avenue of the Americas

(6th Ave and 20th Street)




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