Fried Yuca/Yuca Fries

A while back, I found yuca fries at my local Whole Foods (the Chelsea location in NYC).  It was the start of a love affair.  They were light brown, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and were made of only two ingredients (yuca and canola oil).  They looked kind of like this:

Since I go to Whole Foods, oh, like, nearly every day…I figured they would add yuca fries to their usual rotation and I could eat them all the time.  Because why would you not want to have those delicious things around all the time?  But alas, that was the last that I saw of the fries 😦

Until yesterday!

The P Street Whole Foods in DC pulled through and had fried yuca in their hot bar!

Good to see you again, old friend!

These fried yuca pieces looked different from the fries, but were made out of the same two ingredients, and tasted almost exactly the same.  Crispy, light, and way better than normal french fries in my opinion.

I don’t think I would ever attempt to make either at home, since it requires frying things and that’s way too complicated/messy for my everyday – but I did find this recipe if you’re so inclined.


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