Georgetown and Serendipity III

Check out where I was yesterday.  Doesn’t it look almost like Florida?

Well, it wasn’t.  It was the beautiful Georgetown waterfront. Fountains, palm trees, and boats included.

Another great thing that Georgetown has?

Serendipity 3!

Too bad the gluten free meal options were less than robust.  What I was really feeling like was a salad, which my friend got to enjoy.  But the waiter informed me that NONE of the salad dressings were gf.  Say what?  Maybe they just say that to be careful, but it seemed strange to me.  Either way, I played it safe, trying not to have a gf pitfall, and ordered an omelette instead.

Non-gluten free crab cake salad

My Central Park omelette, with coleslaw on the side:

The coleslaw was actually my favorite part!  It was really fresh and crunchy.

I should have asked if any of their monumental ice cream sundaes or frozen hot chocolates are gluten free, but I was too full to think about it.  Because they look amazing.

There’s always next time!


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