Eat this, not that.

I’ve always been kind of obsessed with “Eat this, not that” type comparisons. They have them on the Today Show all the time, comparing high calorie/high fat meals to ones that are healthier. So when I spotted the book “Eat This, Not That! The No Diet Weight Loss Solution” at the library, I decided to pick it up and see if there were any gluten free items in it.

There wasn’t a dedicated gf section, but there were some items that surprised me.

And this is what I learned…

Eat this: Soy Crisps and True North almond crisps

Not that: Nacho rice chips (but they’re so good!)

None of the cereals on the “Eat this” list were gf. But Chocolate Chex were on the “Not that” list! (In my head I think of it as the naughty list, like Santa. I still love chocolate Chex and will eat it regardless).

But, on the “Eat this” list I found Tamari soy sauce.

And finally, a fun fact: Starbuck’s Frappucino drinks have the same amount of sugar/calories as two servings of ice cream! Gimme the ice cream any day.

Are there any other gluten free foods that you think would be on the “Not That” list?   And do you eat them anyway?


One response to “Eat this, not that.

  1. I love these too! The shock value never wears off, it’s great.

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