The Thaiphoon before the hurricane

Friday night before the hurricane that wasn’t really a hurricane, I headed to Thaiphoon in Dupont for dinner – oh the irony.

Thaiphoon? Hurricane? Get it?  Of course you do.

They didn’t have red curry (boo, hiss) but they did have green curry; I got mune with tofu. After about 3 minutes it arrived at our table (not exaggerating, it was the quickest I’ve ever gotten food from a restaurant).

I almost always get a curry dish at Thai restaurants, even though almost all of the rice and noodle dishes are gluten free as well (as long as they don’t have soy or oyster sauce in them). I think after not being able to eat a giant bowl of noodles for so long, it just doesn’t appeal to me as much as it used to.


2011 S Street Northwest, Washington DC

After fighting the hoards of people out shopping for hurricane prep items, we landed at The Heights in Columbia Heights for a late night mini-meal. I was still full from dinner, so I opted for dessert.

Then, a small miracle happened. For the first time EVER since I moved to DC the waiter asked if anyone at the table had any food allergies he should be aware of. Love it!

The Heights is known for their brunch and massive Bloody Mary menu, so I’ll have to go back. They also indicate on their menu vegetarian/vegan options, and “serve only local, all-natural and grass-fed steak, poultry and dairy products.”

I got the grilled peaches and sea salt gelato, which the waiter confirmed was gluten free with the chef.

I honestly couldn’t taste any sea salt in the gelato, it tasted like vanilla bean ice cream. It was a nice light seasonal dessert.

The Heights

3115 14th St. NW, Washington DC, 20010


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