How to be a friend to someone who’s gluten free

As a follow up to my “How to date someone who’s gluten free” post, I thought I’d take it down a notch and write about having a friend who’s gluten free.

To me, there are really only three suggestions that I would make to said friend: think ahead, be supportive, and put the bacon on the side.

1. Think ahead

The other night I went over to a friend’s to watch the Sugar Bowl, and she had made a whole separate plate of cheese and crackers just for me! All it took was some forethought on her part to buy a box of Glutino crackers, and it made my night! So thoughtful.

She also made homemade veggie dip and told me all of the ingredients before I had any; I didn’t have to worry about anything.

This same principle applies to suggesting restaurants – before suggesting a place to go to breakfast, think. Then don’t suggest we go to a place that only serves crepes.

2. Be supportive

It’s okay if we’re out and you want to eat late night pizza. I’m your friend and I’ll go with you. You must also be a friend and come with me to find food that I can eat. Tit for tat, buddy.

Also, be nice. Don’t “nananana boo boo” me because you can eat the donuts at the morning meeting. And try to supress the urge to make orgasmic eating noises as you down a delicious piece of cake for dessert. Sometimes I just need to believe that I’m not missing out on anything. When I go to the bathroom, feel free to rave about it behind my back.

3. Put the bacon on the side

This goes hand in hand with “think ahead”, but being willing to make small sacrifices for a gfree friend is key. It’s similar to meat eaters being friends with vegetarians – if you’re ordering pizza you get one with meat and one with veggies. If you’re sharing a plate of cheese fries and you want bacon on it (because that seems necessary), then ask for the bacon on the side.

In my case, my aunt made this yummy creamy potato soup for our family. Not only is it gluten free, but she also substituted the chicken stock for vegetable stock to make it vegetarian. Then she put the bacon on the side for the rest of my family to top their soup with.

Everyone’s happy and no one gets glutened!

Do you have any tips for friends and family of gluten free people? Anything that someone has done for you that was particularly friendly to your food allergy?


4 responses to “How to be a friend to someone who’s gluten free

  1. I love your lists – always so on point! Has someone really done the “nananana” song and dance in front of you? Props to you if you didn’t hit them upside the head.

  2. This is very cool! I have many very supportive friends and most of my family is also very supportive. It helps!

  3. College friends used to keep a supply of gf beer at the ready in the refrigerator, as well as pretzels. Almost everyone I know thinks Glutino pretzels are better than the “real” thing!

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