Boulder Granola

The folks at Boulder Granola were so kind to send me a sample of their granola after reading my post on Bakery on Main’s granola (which I love).

Boulder Granola says that “Our granola is 100% organic and filled with nutritious ingredients AND only 2 grams of “sugar” per serving. We use organic Vermont maples syrup and not too much!! The sweetness comes from the organic almonds and seeds, etc.”

The company’s owner started up Boulder Granola using her mom’s recipe after becoming an empty-nester a few years ago. Any lady with that kind of gumption, who still says things like “I can dig” is someone I fully support!

Their slogan, “unleash your inner hippie,” really appealed to me, seeing as I recently unleashed my inner hippie in Hawaii when I lived in this Volkswagen bus on a lava flow. Groovy, huh? (Sidenote: why is there no granola-themed food truck? I need to get on that.)

I should say that I was a bit surprised when I opened the package because it’s a very fine granola, made of lots of sesame and sunflower seeds and gluten free oats that are in tiny pieces.

There were a few chunks of almonds and clusters of granola, but I think that’s because it’s way lower in sugar than most granolas that are covered in honey or brown sugar to make it clump. Boulder Granola has over three times less sugar than the Bakery on Main stuff – win!

I tried it on top of oatmeal, in cereal, sprinkled on top of apples dipped in peanut butter, and with a big bowl of greek yogurt.

Thanks to the people at Boulder Granola for the sample – I hope they keep expanding and get into more stores soon!

You can find it in stores in the Boulder, Colorado area, or you can buy it online for $7 for a big bag and $3 for a small bag.

You can also learn more:

On their website:
On Twitter:!/BoulderGranola
On Facebook:


One response to “Boulder Granola

  1. Ha! Looks like you and I are both on the same path, as I hadn’t made granola my eirtne life, until about a month ago, and now my partner and I am obsessed with homemade type. Yours looks awesome, and pretty close to mine (including the addition of cardamom!), though I don’t add coconut, and use dried cherries instead of currants. I also add an egg white to help bind the granola as I like my granola chunky. The questions I have, now that I have discovered the wonders of homemade granola is 1. What took me so long, and 2. Why the heck is store bought granola so FRIGGIN’ expensive?!?! Never going to buy it again, now that I can make it at home for a fraction of the price.

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