Another gluten free hangover cure

I already did a post about foods that are great for a hangover (jalapeno pizza with an egg on top and french fries). But I think I have determined that the preeminent gluten free hangover cure is…drumroll please…

Huevos rancheros! Bonus points if the tortillas are fried, and it comes with fried potatoes on the side like mine did this weekend.

This lovely artery-clogging meal was brought to me by Scion in Dupont. They have gluten free icons on their menu (incredibly helpful), as well as $13 bottomless mimosas and a free fruit buffet to replenish those vitamins.

Cheese = good. Salsa = good. Beans = good. Throw in a heavy dose of grease and you’ve got yourself a quality meal.

My other favorite fried thing at Scion is their hand-cut herbed fries. Dedicated fryer for the win.


Scion also has some healthier options, of course, but don’t ask me about those since apparently I only consume carbohydrates and grease when I go there.

Other gluten free items on their menu that would be great for soothing a hangover = potato nachos and lobster hash.

2100 P Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20037


One response to “Another gluten free hangover cure

  1. Great to know!!! My boyfriend works around the corner 🙂

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