DC GF Beer Map

This map includes vendors for Redbridge Beer, and restaurants that serve gluten free beer. Red markers are “Must Go” places, Yellow are for dining out, Blue are for stores that carry Redbridge, and Turquoise are for stores that carry Bards. I’ll update as I find new places!

For a review of gluten free beers try here, or just agree that Estrella Damm Daura is the best gf beer out there, like I do.


7 responses to “DC GF Beer Map

  1. Anna,

    Great resource! Thanks for sharing!

    Gluten Free Beer dot Org

  2. This is so cool! Can you add NOVA to your future marking destination as well??? Great blog!!!

  3. This list is so helpful, thanks! Just wanted to let you know about District of Pi, which has both gluten free beer and really tasty pizza. I went there last week and had a great experience – the vibe is really unique and fun!

  4. Hey Guys,
    I am the head brewer at The Rock Bottom Brewery in Arlington, Va. We currently have an execellent Gluten Free Honey Pale Ale on tap! It is available for all of our beer specials and in 22 oz bottles and growlers to go also. I do not mean to advertise hear but just want to get the word out about our GF beer on draft.

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