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Biscotti taste-off: Coffaros Baking Co vs. ginnybakes

Recently I was at HomeGoods, of all places, when I stumbled upon some gluten free chocolate chip biscotti. My grandma used to make me biscotti and send it to me by the dozen in college, so I grabbed a box for nostalgia’s sake. They’re made by Coffaros Baking Co.

I geared up to enjoy one with my morning coffee, and was greatly disappointed with the taste and texture. They were grainy and cardboard-esque, like they hadn’t gotten the memo that people expect more out of gluten free baked goods nowadays. I had two bites and threw the rest away.

Then about a week later I was contacted by ginnybakes asking if I’d like to try their almond and sunshine biscotti. Biscotti destiny.


ginnybakes biscotti were everything that the other ones were not. They held their shape when submerged in coffee, they had a bit of a chew, lots of nutty flavor, and they’re only 60 calories a piece. The only thing they were missing was the chocolate chips 🙂

I’d had ginnybakes cookies before, which are great (you can buy them at the Whole Foods on Wisconsin in Glover Park), but I’ll definitely be buying the biscotti now as well.


Passover Friendly – Real Simple Lemon Almond Macaroons

With the start of Passover, I usually start getting a lot of questions about gluten-free foods versus unleavened bread (ie: “Oh, you can have matzoh right? There’s no yeast!”)  Even though I don’t know the ins-and-outs of the holiday, I know that sometimes unleavened does end up meaning that a food is also gluten free (flourless chocolate cake, meringue).

And, as happened to be the case today with… coconut macaroons!

We had a potluck lunch at work, and one of the expert bakers brought these lovely macaroons, made from a recipe from Real Simple. I love that these are naturally gluten free, Passover friendly, and a boost from your traditional macaroon.

View the recipe on Real Simple

These were really light, chewy, and snackable.  I could have eaten four or five easily.  I will definitely add this to my list of “impressive but easy” desserts.

In other news: G-free NYC is opening tomorrow!  I think I may have to stop by after work, even though it’s totally out of the way.