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Crepe Day at Chelsea Market

See where I’m going with that?

Last weekend I went to Chelsea Market to scope out the scene and visit the only gluten free crepe place I have ever heard of.  And therefore, by default my favorite and the best crepe place ever.

Bar Suzette – if I were a poet I would write an ode to you.

Bar Suzette Menu

There were so many different kinds of crepes I wanted to try, but I narrowed it down to the sweet crepes and ordered a nutella and banana. I also was really impressed that they changed their gloves before they made my crepe, and seemed to have really good cross-contamination practices.

Hello beautiful

When I finally got the crepe into my hands, there was no stopping me.


Nutella makes smiles happen

Bar Suzette’s crepes are so amazing.  They’re chewy and warm and made with quality ingredients. After my savage destruction of the crepe, I needed some milk.  Luckily Ronnybrook Farms Milk Stand is right around the corner

Got milk?

Even though the market was really packed that day, after eating my way into a sugar-high/carb coma, it was alllll good.

Plus, when you live in NYC there’s always some place to go walk it off.

Bar Suzette – Chelsea Market

75 Ninth Ave at 16th St.