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Eataly Gluten Free Part 2

Every time I’m in New York I make it a point to go to Eataly. It’s right around the corner from my office in the Flatiron district, and it’s a great place to go get a cup of coffee and do some food gawking. I can imaging a lot of people who are gluten free wouldn’t think that Eataly would have much to offer, since it’s centered around pasta, pizza, and other traditional Italian foods. However, it’s also all about fresh ingredients, cheeses, fish, meat, produce, and specialty products.

This time I went with my heart set on gelato. Since the gelato stand is right in the front of the market, I picked up a cup of white mint chip to take with me as I walked around.

But then, as I was walking by the dessert stand, I realized that Eataly had totally stepped up its game when it comes to gluten free dessert. There were easily 15 different mini desserts that were gluten free. I think last time I went last month there were two. The other ones may just not have been labeled gluten free, but my jaw dropped when I saw all of the options.

There was an almond cookie, a torte with chocolate ganache, and a flourless chocolate cake.

There was panna cotta and a three-tiered chocolate mousse cake.

There was sponge cake with almond mousse and fruit.

And there were three different kinds of gluten free tiramisu.

I went with the peanut caramel tiramisu on the recommendation of the nice Italian man working behind the counter.

Best of all, the people who work at Eataly are very knowledgeable about food allergies, and they even have these signs all over encouraging patrons to let them know if you have a food allergy so they can  be sure to accommodate.

They also have a dedicated stand with Schar products like pasta, cookies, and rolls.

If you visit New York City, going to Eataly is a must. It’s always at the top of my list of places I tell people to go while they’re there, and now there are even more gluten free  options!