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Naked Pizza – Miami

This weekend I was in Miami, and had a chance to get some really great gluten free pizza!  Naked Pizza has some really darn fantastic pizza!  It looks like there has been a location awarded to New York City, so there should be one here soon!  While they have a ton of suggestions for pies to get, we decided to build our own.  With a whole load of toppings:

Wacky shot

This shot was taken walking through the Lincoln Road Mall with about a million people dressed up in costume on Halloween.  We finished the whole thing by the time we got back to the car!  Cheddar cheese, spinach, artichokes, fresh basil, garlic, red onion = YUM!

Get some yourself if you’re in Miami, or wait until it comes to your area.  It looks like they’re about to really blow up and expand to a lot of new locations.

Naked Pizza – Miami Beach

1260 Washington Ave.
Miami, FL 33139