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Rice to Riches NYC

I haven’t posted in far too long, I know. But I have an excuse! First, I was here:

Then, I was here:

I’ve been traveling and had TONS of great meals to share. We’ll start with something sweet.

I finally made it to Rich to Riches in SoHo. I’ve walked by a few times and heard great things (not to mention it was on Sex and the City), but had never pulled the trigger and gone in. I actually have never considered myself to be a huge rice pudding lover – it always seems like, why have rice pudding when you can have ice cream instead?

But this place made me a convert. I would take this rice pudding over ice cream any day.


They have over 20 flavors of rice pudding – all but two are gluten free (I know cookies and cream, and I think the honey graham).

Yep, that’s Rocky Road.

I tried a sample of the Hazelnut Chocolate Bear Hug and it was like eating nutella pudding. Delicious for a bite, but I think it would be too rich for a whole bowl.

I landed on the Pecan Pie.

It was creamy. So creamy. And had big chunks of pecans in it.

If I had one regret it was not adding whipped cream to the top to really give it the full pie experience.

This pretty much sums it up.

Also of interest – Rice to Riches has been wrapped up in a controversy lately about some racist wall signage that they put up. What a PR nightmare. Hopefully people will forgive them once they’re stunned into submission by the deliciousness of the pudding.

Rice to Riches
37 Spring Street
New York, NY