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Teaism DC – Fool me once

Last weekend I had a lovely dinner and a movie lady date with a friend.  Dinner was at Teaism in Penn Quarter (they also have locations at Lafayette Park and Dupont Circle).  I was initially excited because they have a menu for dietary restrictions, some great reviews from a decade ago, and they were featured on Rachael Ray’s “40 Dollars a Day”.

I opted to get the shrimp ochazuke – a soup made with leftover brown rice, carrots, cabbage, and a big dollop of wasabi.  A pot of green tea comes on the side, which you pour over the main ingredients to make it soup.

Silly me – but I thought that there would be more to the soup than just what it looks like at face value.  But it tasted exactly like what it sounds like – brown rice with tea.  Hardly any flavor, except for the bit of heat from the wasabi – which I thought was kind of a weird addition anyway.

My friend got the salmon bento box, which looked wonderful, but sadly isn’t gluten free.  The tuna and veggie ones are though, with slight modification (no dressing on the tuna bento and no soy sauce on the veggie).  So, maybe I’ll try that next time.  Although there probably won’t be a next time, unless someone forces me.

Pic c/o wayfaringchocolate.wordpress.com

They were baking something in there that smelled like cinnamon amazingness, but none of their baked goods appeared to be gluten free 😦

Luckily watching Midnight in Paris made me forget about this forgettable meal, plus a little Pitango gelato for good measure.