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Whole Foods BBQ Tofu

The Whole Foods hot and cold self serve bars are one of my favorite places on earth.  You can mix and try new things without fully committing to a whole dish, plus they clearly list all ingredients so you can be sure that everything you’re putting in your bowl/container is safe.

This week a new item made its debut in the cold bar – BBQ tofu.

I keep tabs on pretty much every new item that comes on the line, but a lot of them have soy sauce or another grain in it, or just taste weird (ie. their green chile tofu).  This, however, is ammmmmazing.

It’s basically hunks of a really firm tofu covered in a thick barbeque-ish sauce.  containing onions, tomatoes, agave syrup, apple cider vinegar, tamari, bbq flavor (?), sesame oil and spices.

I think it’s got that umami thing going on.

It might not look very pretty…

But it sure does taste great.

If you see this at your local Whole Foods, don’t be afraid to load up on it.  It might up the weight of your meal, but so worth it.