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Gluten free at weddings

My meal card - a bit bootleg

Last weekend I attended my fourth wedding of the summer, and was really impressed with the gluten-awareness level!  They knew I was coming, so that helped – but they were prepared with a fully gluten free meal for me.  And it wasn’t just a plate full of steamed vegetables, it was a full-blown, cream-filled, crabmeat-topped delicious meal!

So much butter, so little time

There was a virtual ocean full of crab meat soaked in butter on top of this salmon, which made up for the fact that I could only have a few appetizers.  The broccoli and mashed potatoes were pretty generic, but if you loaded some of the crab meat heaven on top it stepped it up a notch.

Dessert is usually a let down at weddings as well.  Can’t have the cake – which just sits there and taunts you with its sugary yumminess all night.  And most other desserts are of the cheesecake/torte variety, which are also a no-no.

But – this wedding had chocolate-covered strawberries!  And they were dipped to look like mini brides and grooms, so they were adorable.  I was so happy when they brought them out I ate two whole bride-and-groom couples.

Then, just when I thought I was getting a bit tired on the dance floor, they brought out a CANDY BAR.  I rarely have candy like gummy bears – but they gave me a quick boost to keep cutting a rug.  I wish that they had actual candy bars in the candy bar, but that wouldn’t have been as pretty as the green and pink morsels they offered.

If/when I ever get married I’m going to try to get Udi’s to sponsor it – the amount of gluten free food will be staggering.  I’ve gotten so many ideas of what to do and what not to do from my wedding tour this summer.  But for now – at least I didn’t have to eat steamed veggies 🙂