Restaurant Review – Paprika

Breakfast and brunch are often difficult eat-out meals.  If I don’t plan ahead or do some research, I usually end up with eggs and potatoes.  Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a simplicity and comfort to eggs for breakfast, but I’m a breakfast person of the pancake-loving, pastry-craving sort.  So whenever I have an occasion to go out for breakfast or brunch, I always do so anticipating a let-down.

One compromise I’ve made is for the East Village spot, Paprika.

The quick-and-dirty:

  • $12 for a brunch entree, mimosa or Belini, and tea or coffee
  • The only egg dish you should be allowed to order here is the scrambled green eggs (they also have a frittata and an omelette, but I wouldn’t recommend either)
  • If you have an ounce of love in your heart, you will bring your friends or significant other here and allow them to indulge in the Eggs Benedict

The green eggs are scrambled eggs with pesto and herbs, and they’re piled in heap atop a cake of polenta.  The edges of the polenta get a bit crisp, and it makes the dish filling enough to not make you miss toast.  On top of the eggs is about 3 tomatoes worth of diced tomatoes in a light dressing which brings a great outdoorsy-summer basil feeling.

While your brunch partner savagely devours the Eggs Benny, you can leave Paprika feeling satisfied, and not fall victim to the fried eggs/potatoes curse.

*For gluten-eaters* – Get the Eggs Benedict with Pancetta and Baby Lettuce.  My gluten-eating boyfriend says that it does something so powerful to you that you have random thoughts about enjoying it.  It’s two pieces of a Ciabatta/French looking crusty bread, with pieces of shredded pancetta, two perfectly poached eggs, and a drizzly Hollandaise sauce.  While I’ll never experience this meal, seeing him enjoy it so much is almost as good.

Halfway through the massacre

Beware :

  • They open at noon on weekends
  • The place is pretty small, so if you have a large party you may need to wait

When you get a hankerin’ – head to 110 Saint Marks Place (between 1st Ave and Avenue A)


2 responses to “Restaurant Review – Paprika

  1. Fantastic blog Anna! Loved reading it even though I am a gluten eater AND I do not live in New York- so that says something : )
    ps- I am soo making polenta tonight!

  2. anna, that place looks great. you have a knack for describing food, especially gluten-free cuisine. i ordered sunny side up eggs and hash browns this morning- i would trade my pink for what you described instead any morning.

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