Babycakes, oh my Babycakes

Yesterday was a positively glorious day to live in New York City.  I’d been planning on going back to Babycakes for quite some time, so it seemed like the perfect day to make the trek down to the (lowest of the) Lower East Side to get me something sweet.

We got off the train at Prince Street, pushed through the crowds in Soho, made our way through the outskirts of Chinatown, and eventually came to the shining sugary Mecca of gluten free bakeries: Babycakes!

The Taj Mahal

*Sidenote daydream on bakeries: they are probably my favorite place on earth.  The smell of sweet saccharine goodness, the aesthetic beauty of all of the goodies lined up in their little rows according to type and color, the wax paper that they use to pick everything up with, the little samples that they put out on the counter so you don’t strangle someone while you’re waiting.  It’s amazing, and I purposely avoid bakeries now for the very same reasons.  No use torturing myself in a place that I can’t eat anything…but Babycakes is different.

Holey Moley


Now came the difficult part – choosing what to get.  They had a variety of cupcakes (pumpkin, carrot, red velvet, vanilla chocolate), brownies, frosted ginger bread, frosted banana chocolate-chip bread, a variety of cookies, and a variety of donuts.

Originally I had my eye on a chocolate dip donut (a rare find in the GF world), but then the guy in front of me ordered the frosted banana chocolate-chip cake and I wanted that too.  But, he took the last piece [jerk].

So I ended up with the caramel chocolate crunch donut instead:

Caramel chocolate crunch donut

**Deep breath out**  IT WAS SO GOOD.

It was so moist, gooeyness overflowing from all over it.  It had this chocolate drizzle on top, and just melted in my mouth with every bite.  The only regret I had was not getting a tall glass of milk to go with it.

I haven’t eaten a donut in THREE YEARS.  THIS WAS AWESOME.

And I got the wax paper that I love…and I licked it clean right in the middle of the street.

The quick-and-dirty:

  • It is pricey ($4-5 for anything).  But worth every penny.
  • It is deep into Manhattan.  But worth the walk.
  • I’ve read mixed reviews from gluten-eaters, but it is certain to be a treat for anyone with Celiac.

To get some yumminess yourself – 248 Broome Street, between Orchard and Ludlow.  Or order from


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