It takes two to Bistango

After deliberating for days over where to go out to dinner on Friday night, we settled on Bistango on 29th and 3rd.  After meeting up with some people at the rooftop at Red Sky for a few overpriced drinks, we headed over to try out some gluten free Italian.  We sat outside, right across from the kind of seedy Tonic bar, but Nick could catch glimpses of the Mets game, so it worked out alright.  

To start, I got to eat bread!  Woot!  Usually I get to just sit there and stare at the bread basket, maybe taking a whiff just to taunt myself even more.  I’m not going to rave about the bread, as it really didn’t have that much taste.  If I could have slathered it with butter and jam it probably would have tasted pretty darn good.  But it was bread, and I could eat it, so I won’t complain. 

Nick and I split an appetizer of scallops with grilled pineapple: 

The scallops were good – cooked perfectly.  But for $13 I expect an army of scallops, not three little babies.  Wouldn’t get this again.

But then, the main event.  

I just had to get the gluten free ravioli.  Because, hello, it’s GLUTEN FREE RAVIOLI.  Hot dog!

I got the mushroom and ricotta ravioli with pink sauce: 

mamma mia

So delicious.  Nick confirms that you can’t tell that these are gluten free.  The pasta is perfect, not chewy or slimy, just perfect al dente.  The filling is cream and yummy and cheesy.  I could have had seconds and thirds.  

Now I’ve just got to find out where they get those ravioli, or how they make them.

Bistango, for the win.  

Get some tonight: 

Bistango, 29th St. and 3rd. Ave


4 responses to “It takes two to Bistango

  1. I’ve been to Bistango, and I agree that the pasta is outstanding. The bread is eh, but like you said, all that mattered is that I could eat it. I hear that corn pasta (specifically le veneziane brand) is closer to “real” pasta than rice or other grains. You can find it online.

  2. I just read your review of Bistango, I wanted to let you know about the GF ravioli that you enjoyed so much. I actually provide Bistango the GF ravioli and tortellini! I started DePuma’s Gluten Free Pasta when my wife was diagnosed with Celiac. We are located in CT and we can ship across the country. Please check out our website
    Thanks again for your great comments!!

    • Thanks so much, John! The ravioli really were incredible and I’d love to try the tortellini – I’ll have to order some soon!

      • Wow, I am super impressed. That looks wrednoful. I’ve not tried it yet because I’m just plain lazy. I am going to pop something in the old crockpot today. You have inspired me to give ravioli a try – ONE DAY ——- THANKS Dana!

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