Mozzarelli’s – Friday Binge

Last Friday it was gorgeous outside, and I decided to treat myself to a  slice of Mozzarelli’s pizza.  This place is dangerously close to my office, so I try to limit my visits there so I don’t get used to having delicious pizza within walking distance.

Even though there were many cheesy varieties, I settled on the spinach and mushroom slice:

I took this picture while walking, since I couldn’t stop myself from eating it on the way back to the office.  This pizza reminds me so much of my hometown favorite, Jet’s Pizza.  The crust is really crisp and chewy and greasy (but in a good way, to me at least) and then the tomato sauce is really thick, like it’s just tomato paste.  The spinach on this pie is nice and salty and sauteed in olive oil.

So I ordered my pizza, and then I’m browsing around the HUGE selection of desserts while I wait for it to heat up in the oven.

Bad idea… or, incredibly great idea.

They have sooooo many desserts I couldn’t resist!  They have cheesecake, tiramisu, giant brownies, strawberry shortcake, mocha cake, and lots more.

I settled on the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  Mostly because it had the cutest little icing carrots on top.  Plus everyone in my office had carrot cake last week for a birthday party and I couldn’t have any.

By about 3pm – this is all that was left.  It’s amazing that I got my camera out in time to take a picture at the rate that I was shoveling this cake into my mouth.


It was delicious.  Moist, lots of frosting, and…most importantly…really, really large.

I kind of felt sick after eating all of this.  But it was worth it.

Get it, girl:


38 Est 23rd Street (between Madison and Park, right across from Shake Shack)


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