Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Yesterday I walked the Brooklyn Bridge for the second time – this time from Manhattan into Brooklyn.  Despite having about four times as many people as it should have on it, it was a lovely afternoon for a trek to “the Other” outer borough (Queens rules!).

At the other side, waiting for me, was The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory!  I’ve been fixated on going here since I saw Rachael Ray go there on an episode of “$40 a Day”.

On our way there we passed Grimaldi’s – and the line to get in was at least 100 people deep!  You’ll never catch me waiting in line for hours on a beautiful day for some pizza (although I guess I’ll never have that option…).

When we got to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory there was also a line, but then we saw that there was a little cart outside selling the ice cream as well (they just didn’t have sundaes or toppings).  Fine with me!

I got some Peaches and Cream and sat down by the water to enjoy.

Now, I’m going to be frank with you – this didn’t totally blow my mind.  As promised, it was very “pure” tasting, and you could tell that they used a high quality cream.  I really wanted more peach flavor though!  I get it, I get it, they just use peaches, no peach-flavored syrup or added junk to enhance the taste.  It was a bit lack-luster to me though.

Next time I’ll get something with chocolate – chocolate has never let me down.

Then, I see that there’s a food stand selling vegetarian tacos for $3!

Hot dog!

A girl can’t be expected to walk through an art museum without the proper fuel, right?

Corn tortillas, beans, salsa, cheese, spicy sour cream sauce, and a lime on top.

Best $3 I've ever spent

Off to the Brooklyn Museum!


One response to “Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

  1. I don’t do lines, either. I’m too type A for that. Hehe.

    Three dollar tacos? Score! The peach ice cream looks delicious; sorry that it was a disappointment!

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