It’s happening! GF Cupcakes in Queens!

Queens is a bit slow to come around to having gluten free options in grocery stores and bakeries.  Mostly because most of the independently-owned shops are family operations that have been around forever, or focus on ethnic or regional specialties.

So, as excited as I was to see a new bakery pop up on Steinway, I was not expecting to see a sign in the window advertising gluten-free cupcake options!  We even joked around saying “Wouldn’t it be cool if they had some gluten free stuff?”  Well, they DO!

Who’s “they”?  Cream Bakery!

The only flavors that they had of the gluten free persuasion were vanilla with chocolate frosting, and chocolate with chocolate frosting.

I wasn’t really in the cupcake mood (I know… so sad).  But I’ll update this post when I try them!

Cream Bakery – 31-78 Steinway Street, Astoria NY 11103

R Train to Steinway Street


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