Gluten Free Birthday Treats

What a birthday day week this has been!  It was filled with yummy sweets, surprises, and exploring the city.  I’ll give a quick run down of the heaps of goodness that happened:

Monday my coworkers and I celebrated my birthday, and another member of our team’s wedding with a whole table full of gluten free sweets.  My friend made white chocolate, almond, and gluten free pretzel cookies (?), or brittle (?) Chocolate mousse cake, and buckeyes.  I love being able to join in the fun at a work party!  Plus there were tons of extras to keep me fueled up throughout the week.

Tuesday morning, I got woken up with breakfast goodies from Tulu’s Gluten Free Bakery!  A blueberry-cranberry muffin with almond crumb topping and coffee cake!  The muffin was so moist, and I hardly ever treat myself to pastries, so it was a perfect way to start the morning.

The week was filled with more gf finds – like the pop-up food stands at Madison Square Park for their Harvest Market!

Out of the corner of my eye I saw “gluten-free crepes”… did an about-face… and had to get one!  I left not knowing what the place was actually called, but the nice guy making my crepe told me that they had a permanent location at Chelsea Market, so I deduced that it must have been Bar Suzette.  The guy also told me that they were made from rice, lentils, salt, and water – so they should taste similar to sourdough.

The only other time I went to a crepe bar (Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes in Detroit) – they told me that they had tried everything, and couldn’t come up with a way to make good crepes gluten free.  Guess they were wrong!

I got a nutella crepe – which they sprinkle a little sugar on for a little crunch.  Paired with the chewy layers of crepes, it was the perfect “snack”.

Picture of the actual crepe to come!

That night we went back to Pala Pizza for calamari and fungata pizza – which I didn’t take pictures of because my hands were too busy stuffing pizza in my face.  I didn’t like this pizza as much as the last one I got.  This one was a little dry tasting (?).  I don’t know how that’s possible because there was so much cheese on it, but once I asked the waitress for a side of marinara to dunk it in, I was all set.

So many fun times, friends, and good eats this weekend!  Even though I didn’t get to blow out any candles, I can’t think of anything else I could wish for! 🙂


2 responses to “Gluten Free Birthday Treats

  1. The idea that crepes can’t be made gluten-free seems especially daft: galettes are a traditional almost-crepe that are gluten-free without having to change the recipe.

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