Feeling Jovial

What a way to be welcomed into the office on a Monday morning!  A package of free pasta and cookies from Jovial Foods!  I love their tag line, “inherently good”, as well as this message on the back of the cookies:

“Cookies should bring joy to everyone.”


Thanks to Sure Foods Living for hosting this give away!

I’ve never seen fusilli-shaped gluten free pasta, so I’m very excited to try this out.  I might have to make this asparagus pasta recipe on their website.

I tried out one of the Fig Newton-esque cookies, and it was really satisfying!  It has a buttery, crumbly texture, and I love that they’re packaged in pairs – that means that I can’t down the whole package at once!


2 responses to “Feeling Jovial

  1. I’m a big fan of Jovial both the pasta (they’re the only one I’ve seen with capellini and caserecce) and their fig filled cookies! (Sadly being dairy free means both the chocolate and vanilla are out for me.)

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