Gluten free running fuel

After 14 years of ballet, I never thought that I would run.  I still don’t consider myself a “runner”, but since I usually run about four times a week, others might.

Since I picked up some new kicks from The Running Company in Georgetown this weekend, it got me thinking about the food that fuels runners.  Most people associate pre-run meals as being carbo-loaded, spawned from high school pasta parties before track meets and pre-marathon bagels.  When I started running I realized that it really does make a difference what you eat before a run.

Obviously you can use gluten-free replacements for pasta, bagels, and pizza (although go with the rice or corn varieties instead of the brown rice ones, since whole grains can cause digestion issues while running).  But here are some alternate choices for pre and post run snacks.

A few pre-run gluten free meals:

  1. Low fiber fruits and vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, olives, grapes, and grapefruit)
  2. Soy milk with non whole-grain cereal (like Leapin Lemers)
  3. Greek yogurt with honey or granola

And for post-run:

  1. Coconut water (for electrolytes)
  2. Skim chocolate milk (for carbs and a little protein)
  3. Bananas, apples and berries (reduce inflammation)
  4. Nuts
  5. Eggs
  6. Raisins
  7. Sweet potatoes or potatoes

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