Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade – do I dare?

I just read this updated post on Gluten Free Gobsmacked about Mike’s Hard Lemonade Lite.  Surprisingly enough, I had never heard that this version of Mike’s was gluten free.  I always assumed that it was in the “malt beverage” category, and therefore off limits.  However, they claim that the lite version is gluten free on their website (and in a long Facebook message with Kate), meaning that they had it tested a bunch of times and it came back as being less than 5ppm gluten, which is far below the 20ppm limit you have to be under to be considered gluten free.  Read more about it on their site.

This used to be one of my favorite summer drinks, as it’s low in calories, refreshing, cheap, and kind of corny. Plus you can almost do that “bros icing bros” thing with it.

However, Kate at Gluten Free Gobsmacked had a reaction when she drank it…which makes me hesitant to sprint out the door right now to buy some, as I had originally planned on doing.

Do I dare?
I never could really resist a dare, or anything alcoholic mixed with lemonade, so I’ll probably give it a try.  I don’t have severe reactions like many others do, and I can’t imagine that a big company like theirs could be claiming the product to be gluten free still if many people are getting glutened from it.

If it IS gluten free, then this calls for a celebration!  If it turns out to NOT be gluten free… Mike himself can expect a strongly worded letter from yours truly.


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