This weekend I went to Potenza for a special dinner downtown. Since I didn’t exactly have the healthiest of meals the rest of the weekend, I figured I would try to keep it light.  I started with an arugula, watermelon, and parmesan salad.

I also had a bite of my friend’s burrata and yellow tomato salad which was awesome. I love burrata like old ladies love root beer barrels. Both were seasonal salads, so they aren’t included on their online menu.

For my entree I split the tiger shrimp with my friend, which was served with green and white beans. Super fresh, but not incredibly substantial. It would have been a great meal to have after a few dinner rolls with butter, but sadly that wasn’t an option 😉

I loved that Potenza has so many seasonal dishes, and a great cocktail menu with my favorite… Pimm’s Cup!

*UPDATE: After some searching, I came across this post about Potenza from about a year ago that said that they carry gluten free pasta!  I called the chef to confirm, and they do have gf fusilli pasta “90% of the time”.  What a fail! It’s not listed anywhere on their menu, and even though I told the waitress I had a gluten allergy, she didn’t mention it at all.  I guess I’ll file this under “coulda/woulda/shoulda”. 

Afterward we really had no choice but to wash down dinner with some Pitango gelato. Speaking of seasonal flavors: blueberry jam, local strawberry, rhubarb, and cantaloupe were on their menu.

I of course needed to get two of the most decadent flavors they have in the same dish: vanilla chocolate chip and chocolate chocolate chip. Yes, that says chocolate three times.

For some reason Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” just popped into my head.  Oh, Monday mornings 🙂


15th & H Street NW

Washington DC. 20005


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