Mrs. Crimble’s: when gluten free goes wrong

Last week Mrs. Crimble’s cheese bites were on sale at Whole Foods. And since I’ll buy pretty much anything on sale and gluten free, I figured “what the heck?” and threw them in my basket.

The cheese bites replace wheat flour with cheese, which is cool, and also looked like Bugles on the package. And my heart still beats for Bugles, so I had high hopes for these little cheesy babies.

So, let me start by saying that these, in no way, tasted like sour cream and onion. They tasted like…nothing really. With a slight aftertaste of cheese. They’re also too pointy and thin, so it’s like eating sharp cheese paper.

This video review from GFree TV seems to agree with me – they’re just not good.

They’re not salty, don’t taste like much, and were overpriced (I think about $4 for about a single-serving bag).

I also saw on Mrs. Crimble’s website that they make the chocolate macaroons that I hated. They looked just like the Girl Scout cookies Samoas, which were my favorite. But they were really dense and overly chewy. I ended up throwing out the package. And that’s saying something, considering I’m a cookie monster in training.

I would have been better off making my own gluten free Samoas with this recipe from Gluten Free Betsy.

Is it because Mrs. Crimble’s is a British company? Who knows. Just don’t buy it. Even if it is on sale at Whole Foods 🙂


3 responses to “Mrs. Crimble’s: when gluten free goes wrong

  1. If you ever have the urge to try the chocolate macaroons again, they are 100 percent better (in my opinion) frozen and then a tad defrosted. Then again, that’s how I ate the Girl Scout Samoas years ago as well…

  2. Great product review. Honest and to the point. I do the same on my blog. Feel a bit mean sometimes because it is great that there are companies out there that make gluten free food for us but please make it taste good. We have to miss out on so much without wasting our money on bad tasting gluten free food.
    And like you, I buy any new gluten free product I see. You never know, I might find something I can’t do without. 🙂

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