Grinds my gears: gluten free labeling and cross contamination

You know what really grinds my gears?

1. When things aren’t labeled as gluten free, but they are.

The other day I got a craving for peppermint ice cream. It comes along with my Christmas spirit. I checked the label of Edy’s, and nothing contained gluten, so I bought it. Then, just to be sure, I checked their website when I got home to see if they had allergen information on it.

They did, and they labeled it as gluten free, nut free, and kosher.

So why not do it on the actual package? Makes no sense.

Although, on the bright side, I can still enjoy this delicious ice cream, even if it’s not labeled.

2. When things are labeled as gluten free, and they obviously aren’t.

This weekend I was in Baltimore and we stopped into a Vaccaro’s bakery in Little Italy. I was planning on getting gelato, but after waiting for about 15 minutes with no service or acknowledgement we decided to leave. But, while we were waiting we had plenty of time to ogle the cookie display, and at first I was excited because one was labeled gluten free.

Then I realized that it was on the second shelf, and there was powdered sugar and crumbs from the other cookies all over the tray.

For some people who aren’t as intolerant or don’t have Celiac’s, that might not be a problem. But it’s incredibly irresponsible to label something gluten free without taking any precautions to make sure that it actually is.

They can expect a strongly worded letter from yours truly.

Hopefully in the near future the FDA gets its act together and puts together sound regulations on gluten free labeling. Until then it’s every woman for herself.


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