DC Gluten Free News Round Up

Here are a few cool things going on in the gluten free scene here in DC, as well as a few new finds around the district!

1. Tasti D-Lite just opened in Columbia Heights

Now, in addition to the one in Dupont Circle, there is a Tasti D-Lite in Columbia Heights. Tasti D-Lite clearly marks their flavors as gluten free on their website. Nutella, Brownie Batter, PB caramel, and Rocky Road sound right up my alley!

2. Less than a month until the DC gluten free expo!

June 15th at the Four Points Sheraton there will be 70 vendors sharing delicious gluten free treats! Tickets are only $15 and you can buy them here! (All proceeds from the event will benefit the patients and families of the Celiac Disease Program at Children’s National Medical Center).

3. Roti has gluten free pita bread

I’ll file this one under “WTF”. How have I not known that Roti has gluten free pita bread until now? It’s $2.00 extra, but still awesome! With locations all across the district (including one coming to Union Station this summer), I’ll be heading there ASAP for lunch.

4. Macaron Bee opens in Georgetown

Macaroons are naturally gluten free, so I’m assuming that at least most of the flavors on the list at Macaron Bee will be as well. I haven’t checked it out myself, but exciting to have a macaroon place in the district to help balance out the millions of cupcakeries.

Exciting stuff! Anything else going on that I should know about?


5 responses to “DC Gluten Free News Round Up

  1. newkidveganblk

    You just rocked my world with that Roti news!

  2. I love Georgetown and I love macarons. Lucky you guys.

  3. One of the discouraging things about the proliferation of frozen yogurt places (or ice cream ? – I’m on the tasti web site now and can’t tell!) is how, even now, no fat and low fat persists. Full fat is where it’s at! It’s tastes so much better and satisfies too. And there’s no need to add add and add some more sugar.

    • Definitely agree that usually the full fat versions allow you to have more taste for fewer bites. Tasti D-Lite actually has a lot less sugar than most froxen yogurt places though, so it’s a good option if you’re in the mood for fro-yo!

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