Celiac confessions

Last night I went to Free Taco Thursdays at The Front Page in Dupont. The set up is a buffet-style taco bar with pulled pork, flour tortillas, and a variety of toppings (black beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese, etc.). At first I figured I’d just avoid the whole thing, but then I thought, “Well, I could just get black beans and lettuce and toppings and make my own taco salad-type dish.” Plus I figured I should eat something before starting on $2.75 whiskey drinks.

So, I stood in line for about 10 minutes – but when I got up to the table I realized that people were taking the spoons for the toppings and kind of mashing them into their flour tortillas. (I know, how rude). So, I knew there was cross-contamination going on.

And this is what went down. I considered leaving the line and abandoning my plate…but I didn’t. I ate the toppings anyway. 

Today I feel like Denver the guilty dog.

It was one of only a few times when I just said “to hell with it” and put myself at risk. Other similar situations are with something like a cheese platter where there are crackers on it and I just eat the cheese that’s farthest away from them, for example.

I felt like I needed to confess to someone about my indiscretion. And it’s also a reminder to myself and all of us celiacs that we make mistakes. We’re human. Next time I go I’ll eat before or bring something to munch on at the bar so I can avoid the tacastrophies (heehee).

Have you ever knowingly put yourself at risk for cross-contamination? What’s your celiac confession? 


3 responses to “Celiac confessions

  1. “Tacastrophies” Yes.

  2. I learned from one experience that I have to assume cross-contam in a much wider variety of situations. I was at a day-long conference, which had accommodated me with a gf box lunch instead of sandwich. However, I was glutened and quite ill that night, and finally figured out that it was most likely that people had used the tongs for the cut fruit I’d enjoyed (melons, berries, pineapple) to grab the nearby muffins, bagels, danish if those tongs were in use. It’s made me much more nervous – and aware – in looking at food setups and food prep/handlers (in places like Chipotle or Chop’t).

  3. Oh dear. I doubt there would be a Coeliac out there that hadn’t done something similar. I did this last night with hot chips I knew had been cooked with glutenous food but lucky for me I had no ill effects.
    painful lesson learnt, isn’t it.

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