What it’s like to have Celiac Disease

Having Celiac Disease is like:

1. Having The Incredible Hulk sleeping in your stomach and when you eat gluten he wakes up and gets very angry.

2. Feeling chill, youthful and athletic and then all of a sudden you feel like a confused old lady.

3. Drinking a full bottle of Nyquil and then being forced to get through the work day.


4 responses to “What it’s like to have Celiac Disease

  1. Hah. This is great! And completely true. Maybe you could rally to have this made into a Public Service Announcement, so that the public could clearly understand our daily affairs in the fight against gluten.


  2. LOL! I totally agree with all three (even though I am only gluten intolerant)!! Andrea has a good idea! Its always been hard for me to explain exactly what is going on and I think these three videos pretty much sum it up.

  3. Ha, spot on! After awakening the celiac Hulk this weekend, I needed a good chuckle this morning!

  4. anallergicfoodie

    Great! Thanks for visually explaining how gluten impacts us.

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