Brunch at Estadio: go for the cheesecake

Last weekend I was hoping to take my dad to Birch and Barley for brunch, but after finding out there was a 45 minute wait we went with Estadio instead for some Spanish tapas.

I got the scallops with cauliflower and salbitxada. I originally wanted to get the halibut, but the waiter informed me that romesco tomato sauce has bread in it (?!) I guess they take normal tomato sauce and blend in some stale bread. It’s basically a landmine for celiacs. Tricky tricky…


I also got a side of mushrooms to share. Mmm fungus.


The entire point of this post is to tell you to go eat this manchego and pistachio cheesecake. It’s not advertised as being gluten free, but it is. And it’s amazing.

The crust is just sweetened pistachios, but the cake itself is so good. It’s not too sweet because of the manchego, and the caramel stuff on top is a bit salty. Such a special treat, and the closest thing I had to birthday cake this year.


1520 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005


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