Celiac Disease in six words

SMITH magazine is asking readers to write a six word memoir on various topics, so I decided to create a few on Celiac Disease (the negative and the positive).

The Negative: 

No gluten ever, all your life

Your gut is a war zone

No wheat, rye, barley or fun

Headaches, cramping, and a smelly bathroom

The Positive: 

Eating whole foods is better anyway

Like your body – you get stronger!

You can still eat Snickers bars

Can’t eat entire box of Poptarts


Those are mine. What six words would you use to describe Celiac Disease? 



4 responses to “Celiac Disease in six words

  1. Gluten gluten, everywhere – except in me.


    owww my tummy it hurts bad

    I pooped on him during sex


    it turns out he liked it

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