Beanfields Chips: move over Doritos!

It’s a miracle that most Doritos are gluten free. They’re available everywhere, and bring you right back to pizza parties in the 3rd grade. However, no one feels great after eating a bag of Doritos. Your tongue turns bright orange and you haven’t eaten anything with nutritional value. 

But what if you could have a chip that tasted eerily similar to a Dorito, only made out of beans and rice? With a good dose of protein and fiber? AND they’re low in sodium, low in fat, and gluten free? 

Enter Beanfields!



The good people at Beanfields sent me samples of all of their flavors to try, but I think that the Nacho or Pico De Gallo ones are my favorites. They’re light and crispy, and completely snackable. The Sea Salt and Unsalted are more suited to dipping in hummus or salsa and would make a great alternative to the less-healthy corn tortilla chips.



The sad thing is that when i looked in this box I thought, “Wow! I have a lifetime supply of chips!” Then two weeks later they were all gone. 

Use the store locator on Beanfield’s website to find them at a store near you! 


3 responses to “Beanfields Chips: move over Doritos!

  1. I recently tried some of them and they weren’t bad. But, they do taste like beans. I am not a big bean fan and definetly tasted them. Otherwise, I thought they were tasty and addictive.

  2. Cool beans. I just had to say that. Looking forward to trying them. I just got a huge sample bag from GCConnect that included lots of good snack alternatives. one of them is Way Better Snacks’ Simply Sweeet Potato Tortilla Chips. Pretty good stuff. Also, if you are ever in Chicago area, I’ve found the BEST GF pizza: Lou Malnati’s — it is a really nice crust (not the one they used to make with a sausage patty bottom)! It really is very close to a regular crust.

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