Recommendations for a Gluten Free Inauguration Weekend

This is my first inauguration in DC, and boy am I excited! There’s a buzz of excitement in the air and as hundreds of thousands of people descend upon the District, I thought I’d compile a few recommendations for gluten free travelers!

1. Eat like the Obamas

On the following list of the Obama’s favorite restaurants,I recommend you try these gluten free options:

#4: Fries at Five Guys

#5: My favorite kale salad from Lincoln

#9: Tacos from Oyamel

#18: Cupcake at Georgetown Cupcakes 

2. Try a specialty inauguration cocktail 

154 bars in DC will be open until 4:30am during inauguration weekend. Way past my bedtime – but here’s a map of where they are!

3. Go to brunch on Monday

If you haven’t experienced a true DC brunch, this is your opportunity! There are quite a few restaurants opening on Monday for brunch, and my recommendation is Firefly in Dupont, since they have a gluten free menu, and are a bit removed from the action on The Mall, but still very accessible. Get yourself some grits, drink some mimosas, and celebrate four more years!



3 responses to “Recommendations for a Gluten Free Inauguration Weekend

  1. Thanks for the post. I have emailed this link to a friend of mine who is moving from New Zealand to Washington for 3 years.

  2. You’re welcome! Tell your friend to feel free to email me if he/she needs other recommendations!

  3. she has 90% of those symptoms. She does not have GI promlebs but everything else. Headaches, joint pain, fatigue, trouble sleeping, anxiety, mood swings(since infancy), used to have reflux as a baby so I guess the GI stuff is probably latent at this time. She had a ttg and iga done but both came back normal. They did a bunch of other blood work including iron and minerals. All normal, but I know something is there. I will keep at it until we figure it out. I am probably going to do a gluten free challenge with both of them and see if there is difference. MY 10 y.o. is classic ADD, mood swings, went through several weeks last year of stomach upsets. Had her tested also but nothing showed up. So the search continues.Thats our story so far, so glad to find you all. Thanks for your time and effort. Also bought the book and very good. Loved reading it so far. Bev

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