Frozen meals: a necessary evil

Since starting my new job, I’ve had some growing pains figuring out what I can eat for lunch. My old job was smack dab in the middle of downtown DC, so there were tons of options around me, including a Whole Foods within walking distance.

Now that I’m working in more of a business district, there are only a few restaurants that are close by enough to quickly get something healthy (and gluten free, of course) to eat. So, I’ve had to get creative and rely more on leftovers, canned soups, and frozen meals.

I’ve found a couple that meet my requirements, which are: low in sodium (relatively, they’re all ridiculous), contains some vegetables, and as high in protein as I can get it.

1. Evol bowls

All four Evol bowls are gluten free, and they also sell three gluten free frozen burritos. While it’s definitely not the same as making it from scratch, it’s definitely a good option if you want something hot that’s made out of better ingredients.

evol frozen

2. Cedar Lane Natural Foods Egg White Omelette

I was admittedly skeptical of microwave eggs, but I’ve gotten about five of these so far and I kind of love them. The filling is cheesy and I always end up feeling satisfied when I’m finished. While it may not look very pretty, it tastes way better then you’d expect. They also sell three gluten free frittatas (mmm roasted chile and cheese) and a three-layer enchilada pie.



I’ve vowed to start making meals ahead of time more, but until that day comes I’m happy to have found these two companies!

Any one else resort to frozen meals during the work day? Any suggestions for ones you like?


5 responses to “Frozen meals: a necessary evil

  1. Amy’s has a few GF meals. I like the black bean enchiladas in their Light & Lean line. Definitely something nice to have on hand! When I used to work in NYC, I would make egg mug scrambles in my office microwave. (Pour egg beaters or egg whites in a tupperware container with whatever fixings you like and nuke it! Pretty easy to transport too!)

  2. Second the Amy’s – there is a delicious one that is neither healthy nor low in sodium but SO delicious when you are craving comfort food – its the Mac & Cheese with Broccoli, made with rice noodles. Also, I will cook the Trader Joe’s gluten free frozen bagged meals at home and then take and reheat in the office. The Polenta Provencale is my favorite, but the Chimichurri Rice is also really good.

  3. I have this problem too. I’ve tried the Evol bowls, and they are pretty tasty, but I gotta get my hands on some of the omelets.

  4. I love the wild salmon entrees by Artisan Bistro (also called Organic Bistro). There are several varieties. One has wild caught Alaskan Salmon with a rosemary orange glaze, and organic veggies including a cranberry pilaf and broccoli. Another one includes the salmon and quinoa and veggies. Both excellent.
    For something really light (or just to go with something else), I like Garden Lites. One variety is Zucchini Portabella and another is Roasted Vegetable Souffle. Great flavor in these!

  5. We second Tom’s thoughts! Garden Lites Veggie Souffles and Muffins would be a great fit for you and are readily available at Giant, Harris Teeter, and several other stores in your area! Contact us at and we can hook you up with some samples to review on your blog! Happy eating!

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