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Good Things Tuesday: Folgers, Sweet Tea and Food Trucks

1. Folgers Chocolate Truffle coffee

Any excuse to get more chocolate into every meal, I will take.  Add in some Coffee-mate Naturals, and it’s like melted cake in a cup. Making Coffee-mate Naturals was such a brilliant idea given the mass demand for all things organic and non-synthetic. This stuff only has a few ingredients, and actually has an expiration date, unlike the original Coffee-mate, which will last a year unrefrigerated in the Sahara.

2. Firefly Skinny Tea Sweet Tea Vodka

I wandered into my neighborhood wine/liquor store, Sherry’s Wine & Spirits because I heard that they had a huge selection of beer and I wanted to check out their gluten free choices (just Redbridge as far as I saw). But then, miracle of all miracles, I stumbled upon their sweat tea vodka section – holy varieties! There was one that I had never seen before, their “skinny tea”, which is made with an “all natural sweetener”. Even though I hate things that are named “skinny”, I still got one. It tasted just like the original, except less sugary. Win!

3. DC Food Trucks Gluten Free List

There are always a ton of food trucks parked outside my office near Farragut Square, but I’m never sure which ones to approach.  I found this list yesterday of food trucks that carry gf options, and there seem to be quite a few.  I tweeted at Curbside Cupcakes yesterday, and they said that they did not have gf cupcakes yet, but the rest of the list seems sound. Now I just have to track them down! Sabor’a Street for arepas and Sweetbites are first on my to-eat list.


Dean and Deluca’s “Pumpkin Potion”

Yesterday I got my first real dose of Christmas in the city.  We went in to get some ingredients for dinner from Whole Foods, and a little present to send my dad (to make up for abandoning him on Thanksgiving).  But there was so much to see that we ended up making an afternoon of it.  Who can take a quick trip to the grocery store when you get off the train and see this view of Central Park?

So we headed to Dean and Deluca to see if they had anything for my dad, and to give us an excuse to get coffee ourselves.  Usually I kind of hate going there a little bit, because they have all of the best baked goods in the city and I can’t have ANY of it.  So, being in the holiday spirit and all, I opted for the “Pumpkin Potion” made with soy milk.  It’s a blend of something pumpkin, and chai, and I think magic – because this thing was soooooo good.  It made Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks look like car wash hot chocolate (what? they didn’t serve hot chocolate at your car wash?)  It was incredibly frothy, and even though I’m not usually a fan of chai, the spiced and subtle pumpkin flavor was really amazing.  Almost made me not envy the line of people getting cupcakes and pastries.  Almost.

We also got a few of their Origin Chocolate bars, which didn’t make it home whole.  In our defense, it was a long subway ride.  Other gluten free food options at D&D include:

  • Siggi’s Yogurt (I’ve had the Orange Ginger and it was decent)
  • Macaroons (sometimes they have packaged ones, but the sales people will never give me a straight answer about the ones in their display case).  Plus, if you’re in the area you might as well get your macaroons here).
  • Nut mix and cranberry nut mix
  • Soups (they had butternut squash when I went, that is gluten free.  But check for other varieties)
  • Larabars (at the SoHo location, not at the Rockefellar Center location)
  • Tons of candy and artisan chocolates
  • Terra chips and popcorn (at SoHo location)
  • At the SoHo location they also have a lot of prepared foods, sushi (but no soy sauce), cheeses, and fresh fruits and veggies.

On the way there we saw the big tree getting prepped for the lighting in Rockefellar Center. Right now it looks like a construction zone, but soon it will be all gussied up and ready for Christmas.

Apologies for those of you who can’t try the yummies at Dean and Deluca.  For those of you in the city – D&D moved to 48th Street a couple of months ago.  It’s much more discrete now (not even on Google Maps yet):

Dean and Deluca

On W 48th Street between 6th and 5th Ave.

Or 560 Broadway (right outside the Prince Street subway)


(Kind of) Hidden Find – Stumptown Coffee

My ever-so-hip father introduced me to Stumptown Coffee  at the Ace Hotel, and I’m ashamed to admit now that I had no idea it existed, even though it’s only three blocks from my office.  I stopped by here today to pick up a pound of coffee for my dad, and I found out it comes with a free small coffee!  ($11/lb).   All of the men working behind the counter look like Newsies, and are very friendly (an anomaly in NYC baristas).

Stmptown Coffee on 29th and Broadway

The best part about this location is that it’s connected to the Ace Hotel, which is a hipster magnet, but also a great quiet place to read and sip your coffee.  The lobby is beautiful, and has tons of comfy chairs, big oak tables to work on laptops, and areas to gather a group of friends.  It’s the kind of place you want to smoke a pipe and wear an ascot.  Another nice feature is that they have waiter service around the lobby, so you don’t need to wait in the line at Stumptown to get a coffee and a bite to eat.  It looks like they have a ton of yummy pastries, which of course, I can’t try to tell you how they are.

Just a nice Oasis in the Flatiron district, and has yet to get too hyped or busy.

Ace Hotel Lobby

Note for Michiganders:  Rumor is that Stumptown is going to be coming to Ann Arbor sometime soon, care of Comet’s Coffee in Nickel’s Arcade.   Apparently Stumptown requires that vendors be trained by an actual Stumptown staff member on how to brew their coffee, so Comet is saving up to fly someone out to Ann Arbor to train them.

Coffee is delicious, very strong, and $2 for a small.  Also, they make their cappuccino foam into a heart sometimes.

Stumptown Coffee at the Ace Hotel

20 West 29th Street (Between Broadway and Fifth Ave)