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Katz Gluten Free Sampler

Look what I got in the mail today!  My sampler pack from Katz Gluten Free!

A friend had told me about this special offer from Katz, and I only paid $7 for this whole boxful of goodies!


It includes one slice each of  Whole Grain Bread, Sliced Challah Bread,  White Bread and Wholesome Bread.  Also included are a Dinner Roll, a sample Cookie and Rugelech, and one Sample Slice of Marble Cake.

I had the chocolate chip cookie after lunch, as I skimmed through The G Free Diet.  I kind of hate Elizabeth Hasselbeck because of every single thing she says on The View, but I can appreciate the work that was put into this book, and it seems to have a lot of practical advice.

The cookie was like one of those mini Famous Amos ones that they have in vending machines?  Kind of crunchy, but with lots of chocolate chips.  Not exactly the ooey-gooey-doughy type of cookie that I prefer, but it did bring me back to my college days.

I’ll give a run down of the other samples, and share anything particularly non-idiotic that Elizabeth says in the coming weeks!