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Sunday Treat at Astoria Market

Today Nick and I ventured up to the Astoria Market at the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden, which we only knew had “an eclectic assortment of wares” and some kind of food and drink.
Well, it certainly was…something.  Basically just an elementary school gym-sized room with about 30 vendor tables.  There were weird Christmas decorations, some cool jewelry, art, hand-made cards, and some gluten-free pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins!  I believe that the name of the vendor was Elsa-Joy Baked Goods, but I can’t seem to find any information on it anywhere online. Maybe they’ll post about it on their blog soon.

Even though the muffins were extremely, ridiculously over-priced at $3.50 for a very small muffin and $7 for a mini-loaf, I felt that I had to try one.  If not for any other reason than supporting gluten-free vendors! The only other food option was from The Chocolate Swirl, which had truffles that got my hopes up.  But they said that they weren’t gluten-free 😦

After making a pot of coffee, I dug in:

Soooo… it was good.  The best part was the sticky top and the big, rich chocolate chips.  I have been missing the richness of gluten-filled pumpkin bread – like the 440 calorie slice from Starbucks I used to get.  I remember it being so dense and filled with moist, pumpkin flavor.  This muffin was a little pumpkin-y, but not like I remembered.  I might have to challenge myself to make my own pumpkin bread before autumn is over.

Now I’m relaxing, and popped open a St. Peter’s Sorghum Ale.  The first time I had this beer was at Peculier Pub on Bleecker Street – and the second time was not the charm.  Maybe the first time I had it I was wooed by the cool bottle?


For some reason this beer tastes skunked to me.  It could be because I’m not used to drinking beer nowadays, but it just isn’t enjoyable for me.  I’ll stick with Redbridge from now on.