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Gluten Free Infographics

I’ve been doing some research into interesting infographics for work lately, where I found out about the perils of sitting all day and how soda at fast food restaurants is marked up 1200%!  This got me curious as to if there are any cool infographics about being gluten free.  Well, turns out there are!  Which is great because I think they are neato.  Here are three that I found:

What the Bleep Does Gluten Free Mean?  Brought to you by Pure.

Pretty cool simple explanation about what gluten is, how it affects peoples health, and what the dietetic solution is.

The Old School Diet.  Brought to you by The Paleolithic Diet.

I’ve been hearing more about this Paleolithic Diet lately, and the theory is that modern foods disrupt our bacteria and digestion in the gut, causing Celiac Disease.  The only part I disagree with is that it’s lumped in with obesity and diabetes, as if it was something that a person could control or prevent.

Gluten Free.  Brought to you by Hartman Salt.

This is copyrighted.  But it is more about the consumer trends in gluten free foods.