Pip’s Place: THE Gluten Free Cakery

I was in New York City this weekend, and you know what that means – bakeries! When I get to the city I pretty much throw any health awareness out the window and consume only baked goods for at least one meal a day.

I’d been dying to go to Pip’s Place since they opened, so that was my first stop.

The interior was so cute. I think if I had a bakery of my own, this is exactly what it would look like. And the feeling of walking into a bakery where you can eat everything? Just pure elation.

After mulling it over and getting some recommendations from the friendly staff – I landed on a snickerdoodle cookie, a chocolate chip cookie, and a Heath layered bar.

They had a bunch of varieties of cookies, pecan pie, rye bread, banana chip bread – I could go there every day for a month and not get the same thing.

Quite a few things were dairy free as well, like these adorable lemon tarts.

But this guy. He was the star of the show. A shortbread cookie, topped with caramel, topped with a thick layer of chocolate, finished off with Heath bar crumbles on top.

Seriously, just one bite and I was beside myself. I had to ration it over two days so I could savor it longer.

I want to live in Pip’s Place and eat these bars for every meal. Or at least give the owner a giant hug for making them. Put this place on your gluten free bucket list.

Pip’s Place
1729-31 1st Ave
New York, NY


5 responses to “Pip’s Place: THE Gluten Free Cakery

  1. I am so very jealous. we visited New York a year ago and I was so excited about going to Babycakes but my experience was a real disappointment. (Food was good though.) http://sleepinghorse.wordpress.com/2011/09/19/day-305-babycakes-new-york-gluten-free/
    This place looks and sounds amazing. Great to see you say friendly staff 🙂

    • Yeah, the folks at Babycakes have never been rude to me, but definitely not overly friendly. The girl at Pip’s was really sweet and asked if I was gluten free or just stopping in, showed me all the things they had, and helped me pick out some of her favorites. Plus they had some really unique things that Babycakes doesn’t offer.

  2. I live in Brooklyn and haven’t heard of this bakery, so thanks for the great review! I’ll definitely be subway-ing over very soon.

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