Breaking News: Most people on a gluten free diet kind of think it sucks

I was reading this article on by Mark Basch (The Gluten Free Glutton) about how “43 percent of people on a gluten-free diet rated their satisfaction as ‘poor’ or ‘very poor,’ with 35 percent rating it as ‘average.'” So that’s 78% of people on a gf diet that kind of think it sucks.

How sad is that?

Then I got to thinking about how I would rate my satisfaction with my diet.  And I think I’d say “above average”.  Or maybe “average”?  It’s such a weird question.

On the one hand, I still get to eat things like this massive Thanksgiving sandwich from Terri Vegetarian in NYC.  And I’m very satisfied.

But on the other, sometimes I have to buy the one gluten free veggie burger in the grocery store, which ends up tasting dry and looking like a dirt patty, and I have to slather it with hummus to make it edible.  Then? Not so satisfied.

How would you rate your satisfaction with your gluten free diet?


One response to “Breaking News: Most people on a gluten free diet kind of think it sucks

  1. I’m reading your blog while I’m on “vacation” at my Mom’s house in Arizona – I live in Michigan. I’d rate it overall as average at best. For the health benefits I’d rate it as Excellent. If I didn’t get sick from Gluten I’d ditch the diet in a heartbeat!

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