Gluten Free DC News Round-up

Seems like there are more and more gluten free things going on in DC all the time. Here are a few that I’m excited about!

1. Whole Foods and Cleveland Park Wines are now carrying New Planet beer

Cleveland Park Wines has the best selection of gluten free beer, and as far as I know they’re the only place in the city that carries the Off Grid New Planet beer and Estrella Damm Daura. Lucky for me it’s right by my apartment. They also sell New Planet for $1-2 cheaper than Whole Foods, at $9.49 for a six pack.

2. FUEL Pizza opens on K Street, offering gluten free pizza

Yesterday FUEL Pizza opened on K street and 16th, offering gluten free pizza crust and Redbridge beer. They also have a gluten free menu that points out which toppings are not gluten free.


3. Whole Foods P Street is hosting gluten free tours on January 31st (1-2pm and 4:30-5:30pm)

Considering I’m at this Whole Foods about four times a week, I don’t think I really need a tour. But I may make an appearance to meet some other people in the DC gfree community.

4. Science Club serves delicious gluten free fries with homemade mayo

In my book, homemade mayonnaise is newsworthy. Science Club in Dupont has really delicious crunchy fries made in a dedicated fryer.They also have $5 glasses of wine for happy hour.

5. There will be lots of gluten free baked goods at the next DC Grey Market

Grey Market just released their product list for the January 28th market, featuring yummy goodies from Kate Bakes, Goldilocks Goodies, and MeBakes.

Anything else going on lately in DC gluten free news?


One response to “Gluten Free DC News Round-up

  1. My family has more than it’s share of us with ceailc disease or the related disorders. I am 59, born Jan 8, 1952; my Dad who is 77 was born May 19, 1934; twin granddaughters age 11 born Jan 27, 2000 we all have full blown cd. My brother born on Oct 17, 1964 and another granddaugher age 12 born Feb 16, 1999 have dermatitis herpeteformis; my Dad, my daughter age 33 born Jan 29, 1978 and a grandson age 14 born Sept 16, 1997 are lactose intolerant my family is very small in stature (grandma 4’10 and Dad 5’4 ) my Dad’s sister died at age 42, born July 8 1928, probably from cd related disorders.

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